Solidarity Is Not A Crime

Solidarity Is Not A Crime

Click on the image to view ‘Solidarity Is Not A Crime’ – Sex Worker Freedom Festival, Kolkata, India 2012


I worked with NSWP- Global Network for Sex Worker Projects and APNSW- Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers to write and curate ‘Solidarity Is Not A Crime – Sex Worker Freedom Festival’ which has now been published as the official Sex Worker Freedom Festival Report.

The Sex Worker Freedom Festival (SWFF) was an alternative International AIDS Conference 2012 event for sex workers and allies held in Kolkata in India from 21 to 26 July 2012.  SWFF was an official International AIDS Conference 2012 Hub to protest the exclusion  of sex workers and ensure the voices of those excluded were heard in Washington.

This publication is a snapshot of curated content outlining a significant and historical moment in the Sex Worker Rights Movement. “Solidarity Is Not A Crime” seeks to document some of the momentous achievements that took place as part of the Sex Worker Freedom Festival, Kolkata, India 2012, and the impacts from this remarkable once in a lifetime gathering.

This publication can be viewed on almost any device from iPhones and Androids, to iPads, Tablets and E-Readers. Content can be shared via social networks, or e-mailed direct, the document can also be saved as a PDF file and therefore printed.

Readers are encouraged to click on the links and share this information widely. We’ve tried to include as much as possible in the pages of ‘Solidarity Is Not A Crime’ however we couldn’t possibly include every singe tweet, facebook status update, instagram pic, youtube clip, vimeo clip and blog so we encourage you to use the publication as a starting point. Hashtags to follow are #SWFF #aids2012 #sexwork

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Queensland Needs Superstars Babes!

It’s not everyday you read two freakn great blogs about grants and funding within a state and federal context. Because I’m the game of grants and funding this stuff is really important to me. It’s also important to you if you want to crack the code of the funding landscape.

Let’s take a look at the state perspective, ‘Fear and Loathing in Language’ written by Producer, Katherine Quigley, asks us to take a closer look at the use of language in policy. So how does the Arts Queensland ‘Super Star’ Fund rate?  My comment, if we look at social theory to critique the state and it’s governing discourse, this one is a kicker.

The second blog ‘Queensland You’re A Babe!’ by Dave Sleswick of Motherboard Productions, uncovers the serious lack of Queensland based artists and projects funded by The Australia Council For The Arts. Excellent info, and a real issue that has been bothering me for a while. Thumbs up Dave for writing this. I will add, I have been funded recently for a Community Arts In Education Placement in Jakarta, Indonesia from Community Partnerships, Australia Council For The Arts, bringing the number up to a ‘hand full’?



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Culture Is…The Q to the A

Culture.Is everything.

Between you and me. Connects you and I. In our thoughts, actions, our way of being, even if we are oblivious to it.

Intangible. Tangible.

Here’s my Q:

Just say for example there is a weapon of mass destruction called The Culture Bomb, and it is capable of destroying every trace of culture, and it was dropped on a place near you, perhaps your suburb, your apartment block, your village?

What, in the wake of it’s destruction would remain?

What is the A to my Q?


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“The Community Arts Education Placement is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australia Council for the Arts, AusAID and the Australian Embassy of Jakarta.”